Carcassonne Outer Wall

carcassonne castle moat

It’s been raining cats and dogs here for two full days. We're stuck inside. 

Catriona has kept busy making scottish shortbread and two kinds of yummy cakes: gingerbread and chocolate. All are excellent but the shortbread is my favorite. Just how I like it; very buttery with a hint of salt. Move over Walker’s. 

Since we can't work in the garden, Alan took me to Carcassonne. 

This is the Old City (Cité Anciens). It was nearly leveled by ruin but rebuilt in the 1800s. I became very alert and excited immediately upon laying eyes on the entry bridge. It’s like walking into a childhood fantasy. 

Is it the inherent beauty of the forms? Is it the familiarity to childhood dreams and stories? What makes my heart race upon seeing the conical rooftops and castle walls?

By the way, the 'New City' surrounding the castle was built in the 1600s!

lynette daudt