Project 365 ... 1 / 365

Well, … here we go.

365 days of photography.

My goal is to make photos more often in manual mode than in auto. This was a bit of a mix since I nearly forgot about it all together and it was 9:35 when I saw an fb reminder. So this one is auto white balance, auto ISO and manual shutter speed - 1/60. Overhead lights on at night in my apartment.

I’m really looking forward to looking back one year from today to see what transpires from this.

The first year I owned my Canon EOS Rebel T5i I took 5,000 plus photos (being in Europe for two months helped with inspiring things that I wanted to capture!) and I took my camera with me nearly every where.

That’s my goal this year - have it with me. You never know where or when that great photo will present itself!

Delightful Delilah

Delightful Delilah